IMPORTANT – Fishing License

Aug 2, 2018 | HFE5, News

All competitors for the 5th Hobie Fishing European Championship have to have a valid fishing license to fish Lac de Lacanau. Check out the walk through to acquire yours.


To get your fishing license for Lacanau go to the website

The website is available in French, German, English and Spanish. You can change this in the top right corner where you see a country flag. When chosen your desired language, hover across List of fishing permits and select – Holiday Permit -.

NOTE : This licence allows you to fishing for 7 days and only in one department. If you do want to fish for longer then go to “ Annual Adult or Inter-Federation Permit ”


In the next screen you have to choose the place of fishing. In this case, Lacanau (33680) and then hit confirm and continue with the Gaule Canaulaise association.

Then click choose this permit on the next page:

Choose the first day of fishing on the next page. This will be 7th of September.

Accept the accession terms and hit Login or register on the next page:

On the following page you have to create an account by hitting registration. You will be asked to fill out your personal information and for a photo. If you choose not to have a photo on the license, you will be required to have a valid ID with you on the water in case of a check.

After you registration is complete you will be taken to the payment section. After this you can print your license or save it as PDF. You will have to show your license during registration, this can be digital or hard copy. Our advise is to have a hard copy with you on the water as well as a copy on your phone.