Lowrance pre fish day 1

Sep 13, 2019 | HFE6, News

Clear blue skies and the sun warming up the tournament arena… This was Lowrance Pre-fish Day of the 6th Hobie Fishing European Championship. Without any cloud at the horizon it was a tough day for the competitors. As everybody is new to this lake it meant pedaling, pedaling and then some more pedaling… The competitors covered large portions of the lake to work on their game plan for Gerber Gear Competition Day 1.

“I spend my day marking waypoints of promising spots. I can’t tell now if it is going to bring me any luck.” Ronald Traas says about his day. “I have a love and hate relationship with competitions. I love to compete and more importantly, meet up with old friends and make new ones. On the other side, the fishing luck never seems to fall completely my way.”

“It is so warm… The water having a temperature of 25 degrees does not make the fishing easier. I caught three small catfish, but beside that nothing, no bite, nothing.” According to Roger Nilsson (SE)

After lunch was served, registration started and the competitors collected signed on an collected their jersey. The captains briefing started at 18:00. After goingh the rules and explaining teh starting procedure, the goodie bags were handed out. A big thanks to Rapala, Gerber Gear and Suffix for providing products for everyone. A pork roast completes the day after which the competitors will head back to their accommodation to prepare for the next day.

Tomorrow morning the 39 competitors enter Lake Gruza and will sprint through the Power-pole Starting line to start the Gerber Gear competition day 1. A live feed of the start will be available through Facebook (Hobie Fishing Europe).

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