A Champion’s Insights

Jun 6, 2019 | HFE5, News

Micheal McGuire (Current Hobie Fishing European Champion) is busy with his preparations to fish the 8th Hobie Fishing Worlds in Australia’s Gold Coast in July this year. We asked him how he prepares for tournaments and if he feels any pressure defending his European title in Serbia in September.

Let’s start out with last year. You finished 1st in the 5th Hobie Fishing European Championships in France last year. You are still the Champion. Do you feel the pressure to defend your title in Serbia this year?

I don’t feel any extra pressure as defending champion as I feel fortunate to have won last time. Don’t get me wrong I fished really well but so did all the top 10 and it’s the smallest margins that make a difference. It was my time in Lacanau and the prize to fish in the Worlds is amazing.

As the European Champion 2018 you are qualified for this year´s Hobie Worlds in Australia. What are your thoughts about it?

I am super excited to fish for yellowfin bream in Australia and can’t wait to get there. With 6 weeks to go I have my kit prepared and have watched dozens of YouTube videos.It will be a real challenge to compete with the Australians and top anglers from the rest of the world.

Tell us about your journey to the event site last year!

Journey to Lacanau was with my fishing buddies towing a massive trailer and 4 guys in the car. A real hoot and not too difficult a journey. Lacanau is an awesome Lake in a beautiful location. I would go again in a heart beat.

How did you get started in kayak fishing?

I have been Kayak fishing for just 4 years and saw a Hobie and knew that’s the one for me. I started in Pro Angler 12 but upgraded to a 14 which is excellent for me.

What do you consider your primary strengths and weaknesses on the water?

My strengths on the water are I like to use the best kit and having fished for over 50 years I have pretty good watercraft. My weaknesses are I am getting older (61) and feel it sometimes in my bones etc. I also buy too many lures and can struggle to decide what to take with me. Good job the Pro Angler 14 has amazing storage.

How do you prepare yourself for a tournament?

I prepare for tournaments in detail. If the water is new to me then google earth is brilliant. YouTube videos also help hugely to research local techniques and lures. I try and cover most lure options but still find I miss that killer option sometimes.

Favorite lure? Favorite accessories?

My favourite lure is probably Keitech swing impact fat. It’s what I won in Lacanau with for big perch and the big pike.

My favourite accessory is my Lowrance fishfinder. Essential for underwater topography.